Friday, October 1, 2010

Perisian Pengurusan Kewangan

Expense Management Tools

These are some expense management tools that can be easily accessed on internet via computer or smartphones.


  • Can keep track of cash purchases either through its webpage or mobile devices like Blackberry, Android, iPhone, etc.
  • Can enter the amount spent, merchant name ans any comments or notes to help identify expenses.
  • Can upload receipts through the web and mobile by taking picture and upload it directly.
  • Website:



  • Offers basic functions of expense recording.
  • Allows you to classify, manage and create expense categories and sub-categories.
  • Can export the data to CSV format file, to be exported to user’s computer.
  • The tool is only available for Blackberry users.



  • Accessible through web and is a free online money management tool.
  • Can generate summary of expenses in pie chart, bar and/or graph.
  • Can compare your income and spending with other users in the community.
  • Website:



  • Accessible through website via computer or smartphones.
  • It has adjustable expenses categories and includes charts that show summaries of your spending and saving behaviors.
  • The entry dates ca be adjusted.
  • Allows you to scan and upload receipts.
  • Website:

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